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The Gauntlet League is a daily solo-queue competition in Apex Legends featuring the best pro, Challengers and Ranked players!

The inaugural Beta Season kicks off August 14th with a massive $50,000 prize pool spread across daily & overall cash prizes!

The Gauntlet League Beta Season is split into two parts – the Regular Season and Playoffs.

During each day of the Regular Season, players queue by themselves into matches hosted in custom lobbies and get matched up with & against other players in the League.

Players earn points based on their team’s placements and eliminations in each match.

Placement Points
1st 24
2nd 18
3rd 14
4th 10
5th 8
6th & 7th 6
8th – 10th 4
11th – 15th 2
16th – 20th 0
ENTRY FEE -10 Points

Both the daily and overall leaderboards ranked players based on their points earned.

After two weeks of the Regular Season, the top-60 players overall qualify for the Playoffs tournament. The top-20 players are made team captains, and through a draft they will pick teammates from the remaining 40 players to build their teams.

The Beta Season kicks off Monday, August 14th and hosts matches every weekday until Friday, August 25. Matches are played between 1PM PT / 4PM ET – 6PM PT / 9PM ET. The Playoffs take place on Monday, August 28.

The Beta Season’s features $50,000 in cash prizes awarded daily and in the $35,000 Playoffs!

There is a $1,500 daily prize pool for week 2 of the Regular Season. This is divided between the top-10 in the daily leaderboard and the overall eliminations leader for the week.


Prize (per player)
1st $400
2nd $250
3rd $150
4th – 10th $100
BONUS: Player with most elims $100

The Playoffs tournament features a $35,000 total prize pool, with the first-place team taking home $10,000! All 60 players who qualify for the Playoffs are guaranteed to earn a share of the prize money.


Prize (per team)
1st $10,000
2nd $7,500
3rd $5,000
4th $3,000
5th $1,500
6th $1,000
7th $750
8th $600
9th $450
10th-20th $300
BONUS: Team with the most elims $1,000
BONUS: Player with the most elims $500