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What is The Gauntlet League?

The Gauntlet League is a daily solo-queue Apex Legends competition that features the best professional, Challengers, and Ranked players! The $50,000 Beta Season officially kicks off Monday, August 14th.

When is the Gauntlet League?

Beginning Monday, August 14, the Gauntlet League will host matches every weekday until Friday, August 25. The Playoffs take place the following week once all the teams have been drafted. Check out the full schedule here.

How does it work?

Players queue into custom matches and get randomly paired up with and against other players that are in the league. Points are earned based on in-game placement & eliminations.

After 2 weeks of the regular season, the top-60 players in overall points advance to a Playoffs. Teams are decided via a live draft, with the top-20 assigned as captains.

Who can play?

Playing in The Gauntlet League is currently on a closed-invite basis. To be eligible for an invite, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

• Competed in ALGS Pro League (current or previously)
• Placed top-20 in overall points in any Challengers Circuit Split
• Got Apex Predator in Ranked Season 15, 16 or 17

If you meet any of the requirements and have not been invited yet, you can apply for an invitation here.

Can players from any region play?

The Gauntlet League is currently accepting NA players only. However, we may invite a few players from the EMEA region to assess their feedback for potential plans to expand to EMEA.

How do players win prizes?

The Beta Season features a $50,000 prize pool spread across weekly & overall cash prizes. The top-20 players each week will earn a share of the $7,500 daily prize pool. After the end of the regular season, the top-60 players in overall points qualify for the $35,000 Playoffs, with the first team taking home $10,000. Check out a more detailed prize breakdown here.